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You Can’t Scare Me! Written by Bonnie Grubman and Illustrated by Judi Abbot

Colorful illustrations and a great story about friendship, respect, boundaries and learning that when the other person is not having fun, it’s time to stop being silly. A great lesson to teach early. Children will love reading “You Can’t Scare Me!” again and again! – Green Gables Book Reviews

You Can’t Scare Me!” written by Bonnie Grubman and Illustrated by Judi Abbot

“You Can’t Scare Me!” is a children’s book with a great message and fun, colorful illustrations. The book has great lessons that all kids need to learn at an early age.

Friends Willy and Walter are having a sleepover, but Walter keeps doing things Willy doesn’t like, and Walter thinks it is very funny. Willy told him he will go home if he keeps scaring him. The next morning, Walter does it again and Willy has had enough. Walter feels bad, but does he feel bad enough to stop? Great children’s book!

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book before its publication date!

Age Range: 4 and up 

Grade Level: Preschool – 2

Series: Willy & Walter
Paperback: 32 pages

Publisher: Clavis (March 31, 2020)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1605375381

ISBN-13: 978-1605375380

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Janell Madison

Janell Madison

I love to read! I usually have two books that I am reading at once. I always have an audiobook playing in the car and a “real book” that I read whenever I can.

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1 thought on “You Can’t Scare Me! Written by Bonnie Grubman and Illustrated by Judi Abbot”

  1. Books by Bonnie Grubman continue to be a must read in any child’s library! They hold their attention, make them smile and teach them a lesson in a most fun way! I highly recommend any of these books!

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