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Tomorrow’s Bread – by Anna Jean Mayhew

The lovingly written characters in Tomorrow’s Bread by Anna Jean Mayhew take on life in your minds eye as they go through their day to day routines in this book. Through a lot of character introduction, you will come to know my favorites, Eben, Persey and Loraylee. They each have their strengths, but also have struggles they are going through. The Author paints each of them, and the others in this book, in a beautiful perspective. A very well written piece, about a difficult time in history. ~ Janell

Tomorrow’s Bread by Anna Jean Mayhew is a book set in 1961 in the predominantly black neighborhood of Brooklyn. There are many people introduced in this book, with different backgrounds. It is a story of family, and the different ways families can look, friendships, and coming together in your community.

The book weaves together different times and different events to bring people together. Eben, the Reverend and friend to so many in the Community is fighting two fights. The one for the Community he loves and the one inside himself, facing the grief he feels every day.

Persey, the wife of a powerful man in the world of Community Development has a much different outlook than her husband. She feels she is suffering their great loss alone, as he pushes forward in a way that will destroy others.

Loraylee is a bright spot in her neighborhood and is close with many. She lives with her untraditional family, and loves them dearly. She worries greatly about the rumors she is hearing about the demise of their community and worries about the future for her family and her son. She also worries what people would think if they knew about her relationship with Mr. Griffin, Hawk’s white father.

As street by street long time residents are forced to leave the area, what will this mean for the futures of Eben, Loraylee and the others in their neighborhood?

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Janell Madison

Janell Madison

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