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Stevie-Girl and the Phantom of Forever, The Phantom Girl Series Book 4 – by Ann Swann

This book was a really fun, fast read! It would be a perfect Middle School level book. Ann Swann has written it in a great style, as a lot of the book is through letters that are written between the main characters. The letters portray many different emotions and written are very honestly. The way the Author has described different scenes in the book is very well done and I could almost picture being in the book. If you need a new book for your middle schooler, check out this series!~Janell

Stevie-Girl has just gone through a scary health situation with a family member and found out about 3 new family members! She has a busy summer ahead, and even through she is excited to be with her new family, she is out of her comfort zone, and feeling homesick! Through letters she stays in touch with her best friend, Jase, and her Grandpa, who she is worried about. She is happy to be getting to know her Dad, even if it is at the Prison in Amarillo, Texas. She feels sad knowing that her friend Jase and his family are going through a scary time and she isn’t there, like a best friend should be.

Now, she has also met a Phantom who needs her help in the prison graveyard. So many things happen with Stevie-Girl-are Jase and Grandpa getting her letters? Why haven’t they called lately? Who is wearing the red coat? Why is it so cold sometimes in Texas? Does the painting on the wall look the same as it did yesterday?

A really fun book that a middle school reader will enjoy! I’m glad the author left an opening for the possibility of another book in the series!

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Janell Madison

Janell Madison

I love to read! I usually have two books that I am reading at once. I always have an audiobook playing in the car and a “real book” that I read whenever I can.

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