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Ruined – by A.K. MacBride

Ruined – by A.K. MacBride
Ruined – by A.K. MacBride

If you’re looking for a romance book to wrap up your summer, here it is! Whoever knew that spilling a coffee on someone could lead to something amazing? -Green Gables Book Reviews

“Ruined” by A.K. MacBride is a story that starts at a wedding, when 2 people are drawn to each other, with a force neither of them has felt before. A secret kiss by the creek leads to both of them thinking of each other, many miles away. When fear and tragedy strike, Zoe ends up coming back to recover with her best friend, Kenzie. Whoever knew that spilling a coffee on someone could lead to something amazing? Family relationships and friendships intertwine to keep bringing Zoe and Eli together, along with his daughter Molly, who finds a closeness with Zoe she’s didn’t even know was missing. Will Zoe’s tragedy and visit to this new town bring she and Eli together, or will she return home to rebuild her life?

Well written, steamy in spots, but very tastefully written. I’m looking forward to the next book, which is about Zoe’s brother, Adam!

A note from AK MacBride-“Dear Reader, Please be advised that although it isn’t graphically detailed, the subject of abuse is raised in this novel. If you have suffered at the hands of another, please note that some scenes may serve as a trigger.”

You can get your copy of Ruined by AK MacBride here! As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a commission with qualifying purchases. Thank you!

Janell Madison

Janell Madison

I love to read! I usually have two books that I am reading at once. I always have an audiobook playing in the car and a “real book” that I read whenever I can.

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