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“Leather Horizons” by Laverty Sparks

Leather Horizons
“Leather Horizons” by Laverty Sparks

Leather Horizons” by Laverty Sparks

“Our paths and our decisions take us to different places in life…”Leather Horizons” by Laverty Sparks makes you think about the “what if’s.”- Green Gables Book Reviews

I really enjoyed this book by Laverty Sparks. I liked the main characters, even though I didn’t like a couple of the decisions they made. A quick read and a book that will make you think about life’s choices.

Misty and Rebyl are best friends. Because of work and jobs, they don’t get as much time together as they would like. They try to make the most of it when they are together. Misty is disappointed when Rebyl isn’t at the bar where they agreed to meet and catch up. But, at the same time, she isn’t surprised.

Misty has been dealing with something she isn’t proud of. She really should stop what she has started. But how? Should she leave her job and move back home?

Rebyl has been keeping a list for years. She’s hoping to reach her goal soon. It might not be the best goal to have, but she set it a long time ago.

Misty’s grandfather is missing. The family is frantic. Her Grandmother passed away recently and he has not been himself. Now, no one can find him.

Rebyl is not feeling well. She thought she could ignore these symptoms, but things are getting worse. What is wrong with her?

Misty and Rebyl need each other’s friendship now more than ever. Will Misty’s Grandfather be found safe and will Rebyl get a diagnosis?

A story of friendship, family, courage and love. But, also a story of pain, deceit, and loss. Easy read. Great characters that you can see in your mind as you read.

  • File Size: 1781 KB
  • Print Length: 219 pages
  • Publisher: Laurel Sparks-Sellers (April 27, 2018)
  • Publication Date: April 27, 2018
  • Sold by: Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07CQNT3R2

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Janell Madison

Janell Madison

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