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In Between Heartaches by Amanda Cuff

In Between Heartaches by Amanda Cuff
In Between Heartaches by Amanda Cuff

“In Between Heartaches” by Amanda Cuff

First, I absolutely love the colors used on the cover of this book! Also, important for you to know, this is Book 1. This book ended with a great lead in for Book 2. This is a well written story-there is some very adult content, just to let you know in advance. Tastefully written, fun characters, believable storyline.-Green Gables Book Reviews

Addison is living in a dream. Her life is perfect. She has money, she has a great job as a lawyer in her Dad’s company, and an incredibly gorgeous fiancé. They live in a gorgeous home and she loves her life. Until…

Addison walked into a scene in her home no-one should ever have to see, and now she has no fiancé, she quit her job and is meeting her best friend at the airport. Where are they going to go? No idea, but it has to be far away from here.

Soon they find themselves in a beautiful place in the mountains and wait-who is next door? Wow…the rest of the story you should read for yourself! Enjoy!

“In Between Heartaches” by Amanda Cuff

Published July 11, 2019

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