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Hi, Friends and new Friends!
I’m Janell and I’m so excited for this fun, new adventure!

Thank you for visiting Green Gables Book Reviews! My name is Janell and I’m so excited to share this website with you!

I love to read! I usually have two books that I am reading at once. I always have an audiobook playing in the car and a “real book” that I read whenever I can.

Many people ask where I get my books. I’ve shared a lot of great titles on Facebook and people always ask how I find so many great titles!

****I read a lot of my book through our local public library app. It has been great! There is a wonderful selection of books in many genres. It is the app I normally use for audio books.

********I use the Amazon Kindle app a lot, too. I read the books either on my phone or an iPad. I love looking for new books on Amazon!

****Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) Books are some of my favorite books to read! Opening up a package that comes in the mail and not knowing exactly what is inside is such a treat! I’ve gotten 4 ARC books so far and the ones I have read have been great! I have 2 new ones on my bookshelf that I can’t wait to dive into!

A lot of friends ask how I find time to read. I’m typically alone in the car, so I always have an audiobook going. And, I literally read whenever I can. I read for about 10-15 minutes when I get up, I read on my lunch break, or if I get to work early. I read for a little bit after work if I can. If my husband is watching a baseball game, I’ll listen with one ear to the game and read! I always read before bed, too. I honestly steal a few minutes anywhere I can to read.

So, where did this idea come from? A couple of my friends have been friends of mine since our kids were little, one of them before I was even married! Friendships can change through the years and we had a few years when we did not see as much of each other. I’m so happy we have reconnected and these friends are who encouraged me to start reviewing books!

So, who am I? I’m a wife and a Mom. My husband and I have been married almost 23 years! We have 2 sons, Grant is in college and Calvin is going to be a Senior in High School. Besides reading, I love to garden and be with my family! I work at a Middle School as an Educational Assistant and I really like my job! In the summer, I love to work in our flower gardens, in the Winter, you can find me cheering for our kids and their teammates on the Alpine Race Course!

I’m so excited to share these Book Reviews with you and welcome your comments!

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